Center of Excellence for Machine Intelligence and High Performance Computing

The Center of Excellence for Machine Intelligence and High Performance Computing (MI-HPC) has been set up at the Department of Computer Engineering, MIT-COE.

Machine Intelligence delivers the core concept of pattern recognition and machine learning with the advanced technologies like fuzzy logic, artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms, rough sets. The innovation demonstrates the development of these technologies individually and based on hybrid techniques and solving real world problems in pattern recognition, image processing, data mining, medical imaging, expert system, computer vision etc. related to the design of intelligent systems.
High Performance Computing refers to combine computing power in a way that delivers much higher performance than one could get out of a typical desktop computer or workstation in order to solve large problems in science, engineering, or business.
MIHPC includes two main research groups- Machine Intelligence and High Performance Computing. The faculty working under MIHPC has capacity to implement high quality research projects and industrial projects with efficiency and effectiveness. 

The significant objectives of the MIHPC Center are:
  • To develop the Center towards an internationally recognized research body in the following areas based on special interest groups:
  • Database, Data Mining
  • Machine Learning, Image Processing, Information Security
  • Computer Networks, Mobile/Cloud Computing, Wireless Sensor Networks
  • To support Institute-industry co-operation (e.g. consultancy and technology/knowledge transfer) with domestic and international companies
  • To perform joint research projects with other recognized institutes, form network of researchers and exchange visits
  • To create research environment by providing opportunities by guiding research students for Masters and PhDs
  • To encourage students to perform industry sponsored projects with the guidance from industry mentors and senior faculty members from institute
  • To intensify an interdisciplinary approach for the advancement in research- MIHPC aims at establishing collaboration with leading International Research Centers in Health Informatics, Financial Management, Automobile Industry, Agriculture Sector
Funded Projects
MI-HPC researchers have performed applied research projects, funded by various funding agencies and attracted significant amount of grants.
Some of the prominent funded projects are:
  • Intelligent Tutor for Autistic Children
    • Intelligent Human Stress Analysis based on kernel Density Estimation over Streaming Data
  • Fake Currency Detection
  • Automated Classification of Botanical Herbs for Ayurveda
    • An Embedded System for Wireless Image Transfer with Payload Variation
    • Elastic Resource Scaling and Load Balancer for Online Shopping using Cloud Computing
Contact Details
Dr. Siddhivinayak Kulkarni
Center of Excellence-Machine Intelligence and
High Performance Computing
Department of Computer Engineering, MIT-College of Engineering
Pune-411038, Maharashtra State, India
e-mail: Siddhivinayak.kulkarni@mitcoe.edu.in
Ph: +91 77200 9218

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